Oh, so much to tell you all!

I cannot believe I have been away for over five months, approaching six. I feel strange having abandoned a blog and a following I loved and worked hard on.

It’s not because I do not care.

It is simply because my priorities changed.

I also came to some astonishing new realizations about primal/paleo eating: it doesn’t work for everyone. And it didn’t work for me.

I’m still in a mild state of shock over this conclusion. I, like many, thought I’d found the holy grail of health, of vitality, of true nourishment.

I need to collect all my thoughts, all my feelings and every last syllable before I write a very long, and very overdue post.

This site is also getting a serious face lift. I’m not digging the current theme.

Stay tuned for a mind-altering, eye-opening, shocking new post! Coming soon to an internet browser near you!

One thought on “Oh, so much to tell you all!

  1. G.T. says:

    Hi Pat. I found your blog from your response post to me on Matt Stone’s blog. First, I am eager to read your new post regarding your conclusion of the Paleo diet–whenever you’re ready, of course. Paleo is something I haven’t tried. So, I am definitely interested in reading your experiences with it, since most of what I’ve read to this point is all positive (or hype?). I do agree that we are not a “one-diet-fits-all” peoples. I’ve come to that conclusion from experience. I also suspect this is the case with medications, as well as alternative medicines, as well. Oh, just quickly, I also wanted to comment about your previous, lovely though bittersweet, post. My husband’s family is Polish. I totally understand all about what a big deal Christmas is. My mother-in-law goes all out every year. My heart goes out to you, Pat, and my thoughts and prayers are with you as well. I know nothing can ever truly make-up for the loss, but I do hope your journey forward will bring some healing and joy to your heart.

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