Dear friends,

I spent three years of my life living in fear of food. I had a very black and white view of nutrition as I relentlessly researched the webpages of Mark Sisson, Chris Kresser, WAPF and similar sites. I joined Paleohacks. I ‘liked’ and joined many paleo/primal friendly groups on Facebook. It become my whole life. I was consumed.

I turned my physical and mental health upside down. I became a woman obsessed. I was labelled the “Food Nazi” by my family and I drove them crazy.


I thought I was so smart. I thought I knew what I was talking about.

I was going absolutely bonkers inside my skull. I agonized. I scolded. I lectured. I turned into a complete asshole.

You, dear readers, have unfortunately been witness to this helter skelter journey.

I spent far too much money on supplements, naturopathic doctor visits, allergy tests of different kinds, and more supplements. I removed perfectly nutritious food because a blood test told me so. Blood tests I have now learned to be completely unreliable. I posted about candida like I was some goddamn expert. I was convinced I had it, and schooled others thinking “I’m so fucking smart!”

Meanwhile, my health continued to decline. My gastritis constantly seared the pit of my stomach eating high fat, loads of vegetables, meat and no fruit. I tried all sorts of different digestive aids to help combat this to no avail. INCOMING TMI: Bowel movements hardly ever happened no matter how much ‘roughage’, coconut oil or magnesium I was consuming.

Still, I could not let go of my primal/paleo/completely nutty way of eating even though it clearly wasn’t working for me.

One night, I found Matt Stone. I started reading his blog, and found other people whose health declined when they went primal/paleo.

We were told by other Primal-ites to “GROK HARDER”, “EAT MOAR FAT” or even worse “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG”.

No, I wasn’t. I was super strict at my absolute worst orthorexic.

My wife and I had a long conversation about my relationship with food. We realized many things together, including:

I stopped enjoying food. It was no longer pleasurable.

I was more stressed about my health than ever, and spent far too much time researching on the internet about what my problems could actually be. I was digging myself into a hole of serious paranoia.

I decided life is simply too short to worry about food. I decided to reclaim my life back, to enjoy food, to stop being so obsessed.

This realization also came after completing an 8-week course in mindfulness meditation in late 2012. I will share more on this with you later. It gave me a much broader perspective about well-being. I learned that ‘thoughts are not facts’. I learned to return to my breath. It absolutely and completely changed my life. Suddenly, my priorities were changing. I started taking classes in 5Rhythms, a form of ‘moving meditation’. My mind was changing. I was learning to be calmer and less anxious. Both of these practices were forcing me to take a long, hard look at my eating practices, my food obsession, my health paranoia.

It dawned on me that relaxing my views on food, and practicing meditation daily was of much bigger benefit to my physical and mental health than eating primally ever was. Than researching ever was. Than being a know-it-all douche was.

Slowly, in the earlier part of 2013, I visited my much beloved health/food/nutrition websites far, far less. I started consuming less fat and eating potatoes regularly. POTATOES! MY POLISH ANCESTORS REJOICED!

I was tired of the paleo/primal community. Many folks who follow this lifestyle are oftentimes arrogant, smug, lecture on shit they really know nothing about, and become extremely hostile in the face of dissenting views.

Kind of life religious fanatics.

There are people in the community who eschew eating any fruit whatsoever, but consume gobs of butter and coconut oil in their coffee. I even posted about Bulletproof Coffee right here on my blog, although I never consumed it daily. I think it’s revolting, and I LOVE BUTTER.

I don’t have a problem with the message of eating paleo. I do have a problem with diets, or excuse me, ‘lifestyles’ becoming big money, and gargantuan empires of greed. Take my supplements! Buy my books! Pay for my coaching! I thought paleo was supposed to be about simplicity?

For the record, I have not completely given up on reading health related blogs. I am a big fan of Go Kaleo, 180 Degree Health, and Cheeseslave. I do not pretend to know anything anymore.

Food nazism doesn’t equal health. EATING MOAR FAT doesn’t work for everyone. We must look at the bigger picture.



You can eat as ‘healthy’ as you imagine yourself to be, but obsessive mental patterns relating to your ‘health’, micromanaging every ounce of food that enters your mouth, spending vast amounts of time on the internet, and acting like a pompous, self-righteous ass is not HEALTH.

Spend time with your friends. Read fiction. Get laid. Hug your dog. Kiss your cat. Watch a movie. Go for a walk. Take a deep breath. LIVE LIFE.

Eat, love, laugh, sleep, breathe.

In the face of life’s deep beauty and awe, what we think we know is utter nonsense. It means absolutely nothing when compared to The Big Picture, and is tantamount to ego stroking and proverbial dick measuring.

I refuse.

I bite my tongue.

To all of you, I give my sincerest apologies.

We have better things to do than argue with idiots on the interwebs.

We have better things to do than act self-righteous about how we eat.

No one wants to listen about how amazeballs you are for not consuming any sugar of any kind, how wheat is teh devilz, or what your Crossfit WOD times are.

I wasn’t sure how to approach this topic. I knew I had a lot to say. But I was pissed off, still in shock and denial, and needed to percolate before I could share this message. I was inspired by Melissa Mcewan’s post on the same topic. I breathed an enormous sigh of relief when I finished reading it.

“I’m not alone!”

No, I wasn’t. And neither are you.

I eat what I want now. Gluten, at it’s worst gives me headaches, although it is not consistent. I do not eat it all the time. I’m back to eating glorious, nutritious eggs, and yummy cheese. I’m eating rice, lots of potatoes, and FRUIT! I drink beer here and there too. BEEEEEEEER. I’ve been loosely following Matt Stone’s advice, although not going absolutely CRAAAAAAAAY over micromanaging myself.

Unreasonably Dangerous Onion Rings has a hilarious post on “Six Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take Dietary Advice From Cavemen”. And a very good rebuttal to those rebuking the previous post.

Friends, if you came to my site and enjoyed my recipes, I’m overjoyed. I’m still proud of the food I posted for your eating pleasure. Please ignore all and any health advice I wrote about. I may edit those articles to strikethrough the nonsense, because I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m not going to pretend to anymore.

Scott from RealFood University recently wrote a post on “What’s So Bad About Pleasure?” It put a big smile on my face. You know who would approve of this article?

My food and cooking mentor, James Barber.

James Barber: who talked about being relaxed in the kitchen, using what you have, never needing fancy equipment, and using love and enjoyment as a generous ingredient.

“Cooking is like making love: you do the best you can with what you got!”

James Barber ate whatever he wanted, and died at 84, sitting at the kitchen table, with soup simmering on the stove.

I want a death like that.

We’re all going to die. No Way of Eating, diet, or “lifestyle” is a magic pill. We must enjoy our time on this planet. We must savor every moment, stay present in every breath. If I wake up once day and find out I have cancer, will I vilify myself for not GROKING MOAR HARDCORE? For not eating enough grass-fed beef and leafy greens?


Obsessing is not living. I choose life.

The great Julia Child once said, “Everything in moderation. Including moderation”.

James once said, “Cooking, like sex and dancing, is a pleasure best shared”.

Fuck yes! Eat The Food!


  1. Elmo says:

    You seem like a passionate person, And that you “over” -do those passions. You talk about the bigger picture,the bigger picture is always balance, you seem to tip the scales in whatever direction you go every time…. I would you suggest you seek balance.

    For me the bigger picture is eating sensible, since “going primal”, or whatever you want to call it, most of my ailments are gone. now that is quality of life, a cream cheese bagel isn’t worth the endless nights sleeping upright because of acid re-flux. Or having to swallow anti depressants, with all their horrible side effects, because eating wheat products made want to cut my wrists.

    Some primal people totally go overboard. But knowing what food makes me sick, is part of my primal journey, so I can have life. When I eat crappy, I feel crappy. And having lost nearly 80 pounds… need I say more.

    I try not go overboard and all “preachy” in any way, but it is difficult, when you see the people you love around you indulge in “good food” and live miserable lives because of depression, adhd heart burn/re flux, being so fat and unable to live a fulfilling quality life,

    Just my thoughts, after reading your post last night, I was quite shocked, but having thought about it. It does make sense, nobody lives forever, but I would like to get to my end being able to say I had quality of life without mind and body altering drugs, and not having debilitating health issues, like I had.



    • primalpat says:

      Hi Elmo! Thank you for finding my blog and for taking the time to comment.

      I agree that I’m a passionate person about most things 😉 I’m either obsessed or not interested, LOL! But I do not feel I’m the only one. This type of thinking is steeped in our culture. We are all ‘all or nothing’. We certainly go to extremes with eating as well, because everywhere you look, a new food is praised and another vilified. We are promised weight loss because of x food, or y diet. We don’t just create a slight calorie deficit to lose weight, we create a ridiculous deficit to the point of starvation and then haul ass at the gym doing cardio for three hours. This type of food and diet obsession is particularly targeted at women. That is for another blog post entirely. But, see my point? You know, I’m practically quoting verbatim a blog post I read last night. I encourage you to read it.


      We all need balance. I spoke of this as a confession: I too need it. No matter how I choose to eat today, or tomorrow, or 3 years from now. I never thought of myself as a person with an eating disorder. This didn’t start with primal eating. I started The Zone back in 2007. I already had a food fear foundation before the Primal Blueprint came into my life. Over the last 3+ years, I’ve noted that there are many in the paleo world who have come here with some sort of eating disorder (who don’t know it), and this has exacerbated it 1000%. Posts on Paleohacks about “I ATE 30LBS OF COOKIES AM I GUNNA DIE?!” are quite telling. There are posts on the MDA forums about people who have to physically and mentally prepare themselves for a wedding they are about to go to so they don’t binge. Or folks who literally confess about how much ‘junk’ they ate the night before. Paleo is not a religion! But it’s followers certainly behave that way. We are not the Primal Priests of the Interwebs either. Paleo made flour products sound like food only Satan would consume. It plays on our cultural orthorexia. We really are afraid of food, and food corporations know this. I do not believe it is healthy to damn any type of food be it wheat, sugar or otherwise.

      I will not deny that there are many who do have serious problems with digesting wheat, such as yourself. I would never encourage someone to continue eating it who had severe complications with it. I think there are more nourishing food to eat, but who doesn’t love pizza? Or a made-from-scratch pasta dish? Sure, we all love our steak and greens, but I think we really do miss eating ‘dirty bad’, no matter how well trained our taste buds are. See? I used ‘dirty bad’ to describe apparently ‘dirty’ food. That’s not right.

      My primal experience was my own only. I can only speak for myself and how I did eating in this manner. My post was in no way an attack on folks who are primal/paleo, and certainly not those who’ve had success eating this say, as you have. Congratulations! 80lbs lost is no small feat. But your experience is not true for everyone, just as mine isn’t.

      No Way of Eating, no ‘lifestyle’ is forever. Everything is impermanent. And we should never hold on to our food ideals so close to our hearts as to damn others who do not eat as we do. Our food beliefs and fears can and do change. Just as any religious or spiritual ideals tend to. As I said before, it is no one’s business what you eat, unless of course, they are curious and they ask. It is not your job or anyone else’s to ‘save’ anyone from how they eat. Otherwise, “Primal” or “Paleo” should be synonymous with “Born-Again Christianity”. Don’t get me started.

      Holy shit. This should have been a new blog post. Thanks for the discussion, Elmo 🙂

    • Mary says:

      Well, each to their own. Eating paleo left me with depression and destroyed my health, my lifts fell through the floor and I ended up with a lot of issues (and I was under the supervision of a ‘paleo nutritionist’ or ‘quack’)…a clinical dietitian put me back on everything in moderation and I’ve never felt better. I also know two avowed paleo followers who are grossly obese and heading for all kinds of problems because their fat consumption is way, WAY out of whack and they have been programmed too believe that calories don’t matter. Glad it works for you but please,please don’t be that guy who has a need to control what other adults put in their mouths.

      • primalpat says:

        Mary, is that last line directed to me? I don’t know where I said anything about controlling what other adults put in their mouths. Quite the opposite.

        Anyshits, were you low-carb paleo by any chance? Who was your nutritionist? Sorry if either of these questions are too personal.

  2. Gina A. says:

    Oh my god, I love you! I could have written this exact post, but just subbed in WAPF instead of paleo. Bless you…and FUCK YEAH!

    • primalpat says:

      Awwwwwwwww, I feel warm and fuzzy inside. Or maybe that’s just breakfast heating me up 😉

      Thanks for reading, Gina! Blessings back at ya, and FUCK YEAH, FUCK YEAH!

  3. Jake Johnson says:

    Amazing post, Pat.

    And you’re definitely not the only one. I recently wrote a blog post about my shifts in dietary ideals, and our experiences seem to be pretty similar. Diet became a religion for me, and I suffered from the worst confirmation bias imaginable. Anyone who was against the Paleo/Primal style of eating was an idiot and didn’t know what they were talking about.

    I do think the experiences made me a better person, however. They’ve taught me to really appreciate food and take a balanced, flexible approach. I’m convinced that this reduces stress much more than following a dogmatic philosophy to a tee.

    It’s sad to see so many people out there freaking out because they “broke” and ate a cookie. One cookie! They act as if their whole life just took a turn. You’re much better off eating and enjoying the cookie rather than crying yourself to sleep because you’re worried about gluten and sugar and whatever else.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, and I hope they prove to be helpful to those who are taking a rigid and dogmatic approach to food.


    • primalpat says:

      Hey Jake!

      Thanks for your comments. I’m happy to see you also have made positive changes to improve your life. One day at a time, eh?

      I think as a society, we have truly forgotten what it means to enjoy food. Isn’t that sad?

      Also, I find it hilarious that my post-primal entry has garnered this many comments so far. WOO!

  4. Trina says:

    Hi Pat, found this post via Carbsane. I could have written it. I’m also just outside Toronto (how about that).

    We’re not the only ones … I’ve met many people who’ve come to these same conclusions and are trying to “claw” their way back to health. My 1 year of vlc paleo left me with severe anxiety/insomnia that I’m still trying to recover from (it’s been 5 months so far). I too thought I’d found the holy grail only to be left completely disillusioned and sick.

    And to Elmo, this diet almost put me on antidepressants. I didn’t need them before but when I presented at the doctors with severe anxiety/insomnia that’s what they wanted to prescribe. Cipralex. I wanted to try and fix this mess I’d created on my own and so far I’ve made huge progress. I’ve still got a bit to go before I’m 100% better mind you.

    I’m glad you’re finding a better way for you. There will always be paleo zealots who tell you it’s your fault. You did it wrong. Just know that others like you know the truth and EAT THE FOOD 🙂

  5. primalpat says:

    Howdy Trina!

    You say you found my post via Carbsane? How so?!

    I too thought I’d found the Holy Grail of Nourishment, but I was wrong. I’m okay with that though. You have to be, or else you’ll one step closer to actual, legitimate CRAZZZZZYY.

    Speaking of antidepressants, I’m on ’em. I used to be on Cipralex but got weaned off it because it had side effects I really didn’t relish. I’m now on Wellbutrin doing just fine. I don’t want to take it forever though.

    How are you fixing your issues?

    Thanks for your comment, Trina 😀

    • Trina says:

      It came across on my FB newsfeed from her as a “must read” 🙂

      The anxiety came on slowly and then sleep became elusive. My hair had thinned and I was cold all the time. Instead of listening to those signals I low carbed harder until I had a full blown anxiety attack in my car (to which one patron of low carb suggested I must not have had enough salt). It was downhill in 2 weeks after that. The situation got so bad my mom and husband took turns being here 24/7 for 5 weeks as I couldn’t function to take care of my two small boys. It was really awful.

      The doctor looked at me like I was CRAZZZZYYYY for thinking my “diet” had done this to me. He suggested if I wasn’t going to take the meds that I start cognitive behavioral therapy (which I did).

      For my own part, I talked with Paul Jaminet about my symptoms and he reaffirmed my thoughts that this was a glucose issue and that very low carb had probably triggered starvation pathways (much like anorexia does). He’s got a whole blog post on it over at Perfect Health Diet.

      I started by adding in more “safe starch” as per Paul and fruit. It’s been a long slow road. I did a lot of reading from Matt Stone and Amber too and started to consider that I wasn’t eating enough in general.

      I had also read a book from two nutritionists out of Australia called “I Didn’t Quit Sugar” (it’s no longer available and I don’t know why). When I first read their personal stories I cried. They sounded just like me and I had hope that it really was my diet that had caused this and I could fix it. I had a brief exchange with Kate on FB and she told me it can take months to retrain the cells to uptake glucose properly.

      I walk everyday now and do stress management like relaxation breathing. I eat carbs!

      I became so obsessed with food and I was always thinking about it and worrying about it. I still try to eat “healthy” but I’ve let go of guilt and worry. It’s hard though and I’m still working on the mental side of it.

      • primalpat says:

        Oh Trina, I heart you.

        I need to find this “I Didn’t Quit Sugar” book. Somehow!

        I like Paul Jaminet too. I hope he doesn’t start a PHD empire or else I’ll be really disappointed. I exchanged a few emails with him and he’s very kind to answer. And so fast, too! He must get millions of emails!

        I read Amber’s post on how starvation is misdiagnosed as adrenal fatigue. I was fucking FLOORED. That’s when I realized I probably wasn’t eating anymore than 1200-1500 calories a day. And I’m a tall, skinny bitch! That article was the kick in the ass I needed. Thank god for Amber!

        I highly recommend finding a MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) course near you and taking it. Words cannot describe the incredible change I am witness to every day because of what I learned and now practice.

        That’s very interesting that Kate told you it can take a long time for cells to uptake glucose properly. I did some digging on Matt Stone’s site, and he told a reader with candida to keep eating carbs no matter what. Candida will ease up when muscles become more ‘gluconogenic’ as he put it. Fascinating!!!

        You will retrain your brain. Going paleo didn’t happen overnight either 😉

        I’m hungry. I’m gonna go make gluten-free pancakes with real maple syrup on top. Ooooooh, I should take FOOD PORN PICS! YES!

  6. Rachel says:

    Totally agree with this post. One thing you didn’t mention was calorie deficiency. That’s the thing I so so so love about Go Kaleo’s approach. No one on a “diet” eats enough calories to allow their bodies to slowly and safely lose weight! 1,200 calories a day is insane! So is 1700 for that matter. I know very few people who went Paleo or Primal that eat the 2300-4000 calories needed to sustain just their basal calorie needs, let alone their increased needs according to their activity levels. Wanna know why no diet works? Because even if you get to maintenance/goal, no diet I have ever seen has instructed their customers to eat enough to maintain their basal or TDEE needs. So of course they fail. Most people never get to goal anyway. When you eat 1500 calories a day you’re Starving yourself. If you work out on top of that, even if you eat all your “exercise calories” back, you’re Still eating at a deficiency too big to allow the body to maintain. That’s the common denomiator that I see across all diets. They all starve their clients. I now eat 2200 calories a day, more if I exercise a couple times a week lifting heavy things and then biking, and I eat whatever I want, and Poof, the weight is dropping like crazy. It’s so friggin great. Leave all diets/lifestyle diets behind! Lift heavy things. eat Lots of food and you will lose weight and keep it off forever, AND you won’t starve or take the pleasure out of eating.

    • primalpat says:

      Hi Rachel!

      Amber’s post on starvation blew my mind. That’s when I realized I wasn’t eating enough, and neither was my wife. We started eating potatoes regularly. Our moods elevated, as did our energy levels.

      I *was* going to mention this as part of this post, but then I thought the paleo/primal-ites would be all like “zOMG YOU JUST DIDN’T EAT ENOUGH YOU SAID SO YERSELF NOM NOM EATMOARBACON”. So I thought to myself, fuck that.

  7. Lisa says:

    Love your post! I have definitely noticed a bunch of experts out there blowing hot air and being way-preachy. I decided that I am the boss of me and I decide what I eat. At home and in my regular life I mostly eat primal but I don’t shy away from fruits and friendly desserts; if that’s what I want that’s what I have. I can see how easy it is to become obsessed with the minutiae of eating in such a way that it is not enjoyable and is Life-controlling. I can’t tell a friend or family that I can’t eat at their house because they don’t eat the way I do it. I eat what they serve, enjoy it and their company.

    Kudos to you (and a few others out there) for extolling the virtues of the middle way!

  8. primalpat says:

    Hi Lisa, and thank you so much!

    I am amazed at the responses people give out when others ask what they should do at a relative’s home and are served non-paleo food.

    “If they love you, they’ll respect your decision to eat better!”

    “Take it home, but don’t eat it!”


    Somebody slap me.

  9. Awesome work, Pat. I am a Paleo at heart, but that is why I do not call my approach Paleo. I do believe in eating well-sourced fats and meats, but I also think carbs — grains :gasp: — can be part of a very healthy diet and mindset. Creating fear around food is not healthy, in any way. I love Paleo because it made me pay attention to what I was eating and start valuing organically grown food and humanely raised animals. I cared…but not enough to do something different. Being part of something helped me to have the guts to care more.

    You keep eating your potatoes and rice!! So glad to hear you are feeling better.

    Love, girlfriend, and peace,

  10. primalpat says:

    Hi Ally!!!!!!!

    I learned a lot from paleo/primal too. Much of it was helpful, but not the rest. Time to unlearn certain processes 🙂


  11. Carole says:

    Jimmy Moore says you’re just being a hater (and that guy practically INVENTED LC/Paleo…).

  12. Rachael says:

    I just have to say, thank you for this post. I see that for some, paleo has made them feel a lot better physically and mentally, but I feel that if you have fallen into paleo because of an obsession with food (i.e., eating disorder), that the only way for the unhealthy relationship with food to end is to end the diet and just EAT. Thanks again for posting this.

  13. Sandy says:

    Interesting story.

    There is no one diet that is right for everyone. We are different and have different nutritional needs. It’s well known in Metabolic Typing circles that carb types or slow metabolizers do npt do well on the Paleo diet which is high in fat and protein.

    You will feel your best pysically and mentally when you get the right ratio of protein, fats, and carbs for your type. It made an enormous difference to me.

    As you rightly say it’s all about BALANCE.


  14. […] awhile. Your posts read as someone on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Yup.. This is a good read A POST-PRIMAL PRIMALPAT…OR HOW I WENT NUTS BEING PALEO | primalpat Actually what I really like about Peat is the lesson that's it's ok to eat some foods demonized by […]

  15. Rachel says:

    Bloomin’ marvellous post. I came across your blog as a result of having perioral dermatitis and reading your post about it’s connection to candida, luckily I also read this one straight afterwards!

    The internet is a very dangerous place and I almost tricked myself into believing I had candida. WHY? I had no other symptoms, no digestive problems, bowel movement regular once a day, no oral thrush, no thrush down below. Literally nothing that would show as a systemic candida infection apart from this rash around my mouth!

    I still have the PD and have tried most things (GSE, oregano oil, coconut oil, probiotics etc. which all should have worked if it was “Candida”) but ACV seems to be helping – it’s drying up really nicely. Who knows what causes it – could be fungal, could be bacterial. I’m now wondering how you got rid of yours?

    I eat a well-balanced diet anyway but the one thing that this rash has taught me is about the dangers of antibiotics and steroid creams. The only thing that I’m probably guilty of doing is not having enough calories sometimes.

    • primalpat says:

      Thanks Rachel 🙂

      The internet is a crazy place with other crazies who help enforce your crazy. It’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole and drive yourself and everyone else completely mad.

      I started taking l-glutamine every morning on an empty stomach. I started with 5 grams a day, and eventually made my way up to 20 grams. Do it slowly, or you will have serious abdominal discomfort.

      Lastly: EAT WOMAN EAT!

  16. vernazz says:

    I would just like to add that I came across your website as a result of googling about perioral dermatitis. Man, I’ve googled this darn rash more times than I’ve googled anything in my life EVER before. And I’m a student, obsessed with the internet.

    I found your post on POD and Candida, but thank god I also read this one too. Many people on other websites seem to believe that POD is caused by Candida and at one point I really believed I had it too. But WHY??? I had a serious lapse in judgement. I had no other symptoms of a candida overgrowth apart from this rash. NOTHING. No oral thrush, no vaginal thrush, no GI problems, normal bowel movements once a day, no food reactions, no fatigue, nothing. But I was almost convinced because of the internet!

    I’ve tried a lot of things for this rash (GSE, oregano oil, coconut oil, probiotics – all of which should have worked if it was Candida) and they didn’t. ACV seems to be drying it up pretty well at the moment. Now I’m curious to know how you eventually got rid of yours?

    I must have spent so much time and MONEY on this darn thing. I even spent a week on an anti candida diet, what a load of crap. I’m healthy apart from this rash so I just wish I knew what caused it!

  17. What a refreshing post! Congrats on regaining your sanity. Stress of any kind is not healthy. Eating nourishing food and enjoying life is, but there is no definitive plan for either, so find your formula and don’t hesitate when it feels right. 🙂

  18. primalpat says:

    Thanks j3nn! Hey, I’m not saying I’m entirely sane, ok?

  19. Thank you for this great post! Life & health is all about balance, and seriously stressing about every bite of food is worse than actually eating it in a relaxed state of mind. Chris Kresser is one of my favorites to read because he agrees that we should personalize our diets, and there is NO one way of eating that is better than the other. Some people truly thrive on a vegetarian diet while others thrive on a paleo diet – great for both of them. Looking forward to reading more here.

    • primalpat says:

      Hi Lauren!

      I agree – life must be in balance, otherwise we’re in big trouble. I *was* a Chris Kresser fan for a long time. He recently posted on his FB page about how his daughter brought home Halloween candy and absolutely had a meltdown. Then he attributed behavioural problems to sugar and flour. That’s not a fair assumption at all, and I don’t believe in restricting. Especially not candy to children at Halloween! Chris is also anti-vaccine, which at one time I may have agreed with, but now I definitely do not.

  20. Susan says:

    I think it was actually Oscar Wilde that made the “everything in moderation” comment.

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