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Hello. Thank you for finding my wee little corner of the vast interwebs. My name is Pat (duh), a female member of the human race. I live just outside Toronto, Canada with my wife Linda and our two cats, Harry and Zoe. That’s Harry in the piccy. Yup, I’m gay and married. Canada is cool that way. On November 19th 2013, at 8:06pm, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy Jakob Christopher into the world. He is absolutely perfect and really and truly EATS THE FOOD. Or in his case, breast milk.

My food mentors go way back, as I have been cooking from the age of 4. I remember watching Julia Child when I was very little. At around the age of 10, I discovered James Barber and “The Urban Peasant”. I loved his relaxed style of cooking: you didn’t need fancy cookware or utensils. If you had a spoon nearby to flip a piece of chicken with, you freakin’ used it. But you enjoyed it, you savoured the act of cooking as much as the act of enjoying your feast itself. Growing up in a Polish household, I watched my Mother create amazing food, using lots of love, bacon fat, and a little Polish zing. Don’t forget the cabbage.

I lost both of my parents before the age of 27. Then I discovered the Primal Blueprint in late 2009, and followed this Way of Eating for over three years. I thought I’d found the Holy Grail of Health. I did not want to die like my parents did. Alas, my health did not improve. I dug myself into a hole. It took me a long time to ‘fess up that this wasn’t working. Why? My Polish stubbornness, and the fact that living primal/paleo is very much a lifestyle, and sometimes very much a religion. So, I dumped that bitch. She and I were simply not meant to be. If you find yourself browsing the archives and read some know-it-all crap about candida, please ignore it. I thought I had all the answers at one point. I do not, and neither does anyone. I research, read, and change my mind. I curse a lot too. A LOT. Your comments, if they are not civil, will be promptly deleted. I love discussion. Sometimes. Although these days, I’m doing my best to have a ‘live-and-let-live’ approach. Discussion can amount to “you’re wrong, I’m right” type conversations, for which I do not care for. This is ego posturing, and while I may have engaged in that type of activity in the past, I try not to these days. There are better things to do in this life while we’re here.

My desire for myself is balance. And pleasure. Awesome, sensuous, lip-smacking food. I want to live a life worth living, and not living in fear of glorious food. If you found me because of my primal past, thank you. I’m here now to talk about my own quest for balance, mindfulness meditation, 5Rhythms, good food and interesting health finds. I’m keeping an open, curious mind. Will you?

25 thoughts on “About Pat

  1. Cori says:

    Hey there! First off, love the recipes. Paleo convert as of February and fairly new to Ontario/Toronto. Secondly- totally random I finally put 2 + 2 together…I’ve been lurking on here for a while…I just noticed Dragonfly Farm Store on your blog roll. Is it safe to assume you’re in the GTA-ish? I’m also in the process of trying to get some co-workers to go together to order a cow/pig from DragonFly Farms! Have you purchased from them? Anything to comment on the price/quality if you’ve also ordered from other farms? Thanks!!!

    • primalpat says:

      Hi Cori! Thanks for reading 🙂 I have yet to try DragonFly, but local folks I know have, and they say it’s awesome! I’m definitely interested in buying a pig OR a cow! I should probably put an email link on here somewheres, shouldn’t I?

  2. Cori says:

    They have a cool looking CSA meat program too! I’m getting 1/8 cow, 1/4 pig, 1/4 lamb…and need to buy a chest freezer before the end of June hah. If I end up with more than I can store I’ll let ya know! Thanks for the great blog posts!

  3. KK says:

    I think I’m gonna have to reblog a whole bunch of your recipes and add illustrations :O

  4. Ang says:

    Hi there! I need some help – saw a post of yours about healing a leaky gut with l-glutamine and wanted to hear your story about healing with it. I am trying l-glutamine this week and seem to be getting this constant reaction each time I take it. Not sure if this is a healing reaction or my body trying to reject it. Can you share more details on your experience? THANK YOU!!!!

    • primalpat says:

      Hi Ang! I was supplementing with up to 20grams (20,000mg) of l-glutamine per day. I worked my way up slowly. Your mileage may vary. I OD-ed more than once and had unbearable abdominal pain, cramping, bloating. You need to exercise some caution as you up your dose. What brand are you using? I never had any side effects except when I took too much.

  5. Merri says:

    Lovely, heartfelt, and real. Years ago, I banned commercials (as much as possible-no TV and turn off the radio when they play them) because I was tired of being called fat, powerless, unclean, depressed, etc: all those shameful things that some product will remedy/cure. I am nothing but a cash opportunity to those bastards and I have a choice, most of the time, whether I want to listen so I don’t. Real food is a joy, a delight, and a sensual pleasure! Thank you for your rant!!

  6. Hi, Pat,
    I actually teared up reading your latest post. I feel so confused by food these days. I’ve self-diagnosed myself with a candida problem and am just overwhelmed. Researching candida is what actually brought me to your blog. Anyway, your latest post struck a chord with me. I don’t enjoy food much anymore because I look at it as the enemy, causing me to to feel sick…
    Thank you so much for your post…going to go re-read it now. 🙂

    • primalpat says:

      Hi Mary,

      Thank you for visiting and for posting 🙂 I can assure you, that candida may be a concern for
      some women, it is also a catch-all for any number of other issues. I was self-diagnosed, *and*
      was “diagnosed” by one allergist and two naturopathic doctors. I spent so much money on sups
      and doc visits. And it was making me completely mental! Be careful with using the internet
      as a means to figure out health woes. It can suck you in to a myriad of bullshit!

  7. Yes, the internet makes me crazy and I feel like I go down a crazy warren of opinions and conflicting information when I start reading about diets. I really do think I have a candida issue but I don’t want to go crazy. Do you recommend any particular path/book/website I should look at?

    (By the way, just made myself a big plate of scrambled eggs…my personal comfort (even sensual?) food–your post gave me permission to go do that. So thank you.)

    • primalpat says:

      I’m a big fan of Matt Stone at 180DegreeHealth.com. I found some very interesting reading on his site. Sign up for his newsletter. I’ll keep this short: candida can be caused by low-carb eating. Candida can and will try and search out food sources and the more you deprive if of sugar, the worse it will get. Matt suggests Eating All The Foods, especially sugar and starch to teach your cells to use glucose again. You are making your cell ‘glucogenic’ again. They have forgotten how to use it!

      I’ve also talked with Paul Jaminet about candida via email. Carbs are necessary for the health and functionality of our guts. Going too low-carb is disastrous for most. Eating nutrient dense foods like oysters and liver will help boost those vitamins you may be missing.

  8. Annie says:

    Hi Pat! You made comments on Paleo Hacks about PMS and adrenal fatigue that I just saw. Are you still following that regimen?

    • primalpat says:

      Hi Annie,

      I’ve been following as best as possible the protocol Matt Stone
      lays out for healing. The number one thing is EATING and number
      two is SLEEP! My PMS symptoms have changed, that’s for sure. But
      this is something that will take some time to heal. It doesn’t
      happen overnight. Also, eating an extra 300+ calories each day
      about a week before your period helps. And make sure you are
      eating a lot of salt. Salt keeps estrogen low. Estrogen is kind
      of a bitchy hormone in general. Hope this helps!

  9. anniesmyth says:

    Thank you, Pat! Is there one of his books that you recommend? I’m specifically in it for the hormone stuff.

    • primalpat says:

      Eat for Heat is a good place to start. Diet Recovery 2
      is very good as well. But Eat for Heat is a very quick
      read. Matt is very funny but vulgar. Hope you’re not
      easily offended 🙂

  10. john s says:

    Did you cure you gastritis? If so how?

    • primalpat says:

      Hi John!

      I certainly did. My gastritis only started to diminish as soon as I seriously scaled back my fat,
      and ate more carbs in the form of rice and potatoes. No amount of digestive enzymes, or betaine HCL
      helped me. I tried everything!

      Sticking to a higher carb/lower fat ratio for a good year cleared it right up. Now, if I have a meal
      seriously high in fat, even if the majority of it is coconut oil, I get nauseated, bloated, and
      have burning pain in my stomach. And it can last for HOURS. The coconut oil thing really confuses
      me, as my understanding was coconut oil does not need to be digested. The liver metabolizes it
      right away.

      • john s says:

        That’s good to hear. Did you take any meds during the year? Did you have reflux with the gastritis? Also, any insight on how got the gastritis in the first place?

        Btw – Thanks so much for the quick response. On a lighter note is it mandatory to be a hockey fan if you live in Toronto?

  11. primalpat says:

    No reflux, John. That would have been an awful situation 100 times worse.

    The only meds were an antidepressant that I am still on. I seriously scaled back my intake of stupid, useless supplements.

    I’m confident my gastritis was from eating high fat in the first place. My gallbladder was removed in 2010. No matter what digestive enzymes I took, they’d work very temporarily, and the gastritis would come right back. I’m not saying that everyone who has their gallbladder removed can’t eat high fat, but I most certainly cannot.

    I’m a native Torontonian, and I think the Maple Leafs SUCK. SUCK!!!!!! 😉 Having said that, I’m not a huge hockey fan 😉

  12. Lauren Thompson says:

    Hello Pat,
    I came across your post on another website, marksdailyapple.com, about perioral dermatitis and its connection to issues of the gut. I was wondering how your skin is doing and has been since your post on that website? Do you still take all the different items you mentioned on your post? How long did it take to completely cure? Anything you can share with me would be much appreciated. Please feel free to email me if you have time. I would love to hear from you. Thank you.

    • primalpat says:

      Hi Lauren,

      I don’t remember what I posted on the MDA forums! It’s been a while and I no longer frequent them.
      My skin broke out again after the birth of my son in late 2013. Stress and lack of sleep were an

      This time around, I was also drinking Mark’s ‘egg coffee’ and only a few months into it, I realized
      I was reacting to the probably uncooked egg white in the coffee. I stopped adding a whole egg and now
      only use the yolks. I started taking l-glutamine again, and probiotics. I like Garden of Life probiotics,
      and had very good success with “Primal Defense” and their line for women too. Probiotics should
      only be taken short term. I noticed my skin started to look worse when I kept up the probiotics
      this time around, so I stopped. L-glutamine is your friend, but start with smaller doses, on an
      empty stomach, and work your way up to 20grams a day, but very, very slowly.

  13. Lindsay says:

    Just THANK YOU! Everything you have written recently has really resounded with me…in fact it could have been about me!! I love food and cooking but have sucked all the joy out of it for myself with years of analysing and researching instead of enjoying! Just this week I have finally realised that I need to relax more and find pleasure in life in general. From now on I am going to shop in our lovely local shops and farmers markets and really enjoy the experience and buy what appeals/calls to me rather than what I think I should…I am also starting yoga and just going to generally be more active in pleasurable ways (walking the dog on our beautiful beach, clambering through woods and playing with my kids).

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